Playful conversations

One of the great things about living in the “hub” of Singapore has been the amount of incredible people I’ve met over the years. Teaching in international schools has meant meeting families from all over the world, from widely different backgrounds and with a multitude of perspectives.


But this last year of being away from the classroom has seen me meet even more people, and hear from even more perspectives. I’ve met teachers from all over the world, and from around the corner. I’ve met parents, lecturers, government employees, business owners, NGO workers, stall holders, magazine owners, factory workers, to name a few.


The best thing about meeting people from so many different backgrounds? The playful conversations that have ensued!


Which is why the idea of Pop-Up Adventure Play’s Campference has so much appeal. “The playwork campference will facilitate an international conversation between diverse individuals ranging from decades and degrees in playwork to those brand new to it.” says the press release for the event.


Can you imagine anything more playful? A camp, a bunch of playworkers, practical play opportunities, as well as endless conversations about play?!  It’s going to be amazing.


See Pop-Up Adventure Play’s blog for more info.



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